If I Was Concise Enough to Define Myself in an About Page, I Wouldn’t Need a Whole Blog…


My name is Mackenzie and I’m just a twenty-four year old who’s trying to check out the world. I recently realized that I have been studying for twenty years (when my older brother started school and I started learning his spelling words). I have been working for ten. For the first time in my life, I have no job and no school. I have nothing to distract me from the intricacies of life. I am traveling around Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia and just seeing where the world takes me.

I don’t pretend to think that anyone is looking for a 24-year old’s advice or thoughts on life and I definitely don’t claim to have any answers. At least once a day, I google how to cook simple things, whether I have symptoms of a deathly disease, and what it means to be a millennial. My Google search history makes it clear that I definitely don’t know the answers. But I love talking about the questions and I’m certainly not going to let not knowing stop me from trying.

And I’m trying to do a lot. I’m trying to make it through the day and I’m trying to save the world. I’m trying to save money, eat vegetables, and floss my teeth. I’m trying to exercise more and go to bed at a reasonable time and be a good friend and a good person. I’m trying to give more to the world than I take from it and leave things better than I found them. I don’t always know exactly what I’m doing, but I do know that I’m trying.

The essence of 24: a fancy outfit and champagne in a folding chair with paper plate pizza

Since graduating from college a few years ago, my friends and I have been trying to figure out what is next and who we are built to be. We have responsibilities personally and professionally and for the most part, we handle them. But then at the same time, we’re still just trying to have fun. Many of us are still taking classes and still have to do homework and study but at the same time, being students doesn’t define us anymore. We’re trying to set things up so that we’ll have a good future, but at the same time we’re trying to have a good¬†now.¬†

The cool thing about it is that we’re doing it together. At the end of the day, I think we read and listen to words that resonate, that we can relate to, that make us feel like we are not alone. And I know that I am not alone in where I am in life, so while this is mostly a self-serving blog, I hope that it can at least be relatable.

I don’t want to close any doors. I don’t want the choices I make now to dictate the choices available to me later. I’m trying to develop a professional presence and set a foundation for a successful career, but at the same time I don’t want to sacrifice my personal presence. I don’t want to live in a world where the two can’t coexist–I don’t want to sacrifice or bury who I am to move forward. I want to live my most genuine and passionate life. I want to be kind, eager, and curious. I want to be thoughtful, intentional, and reflective. I want to be Kenz, and I want that to carry through all that I do. And I want that to be enough.